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KNPB Calling for National and International Action

November 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Throughout the occupied homeland Heart of West Papua, Rejecting compromise with the Government of Indonesia In Shape Before There Any Point Light Referendum Held To Answer For completion of the Political Status of West Papuans.

Hail the Revolution!

Appeals thoroughly implement the action throughout the homeland of West Papua, ranging from Sorong to Samurai and internationally abroad. This action must be carried out simultaneously as a continuation of struggle and ideals of the West Papuan people to demand the implementation of self-determination for the people of West Papua through the referendum mechanism.

Lately with the number falling victim both ditingkatan elements of civil society and military, the Indonesian government take leadership in the SBY-Boedionon yet to commit themselves to resolve the problems facing the nation of West Papua, the government continues to shut down and secretly add the TNI military-police forces in West Papuan homeland.

Violence, conflict, murder and forced disappearance of human lives against the nation of West Papua are now being berlajut continue a massive and systematic, not a few hundreds and even thousands of lives almost approaching millions of people of West Papua innocent lives taken away.
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KNPB Demands Referendum for West Papua

November 12, 2011 Leave a comment – The National Committee of West Papua (KNPB) has already planned a big rally in all areas of West Papua Province on November 14 to demand a referendum for West Papuan people to determine their own fate.

Victor Yeimo, spokesperson of KNPB, claims that KNPB has co-ordinated with local police related to the planned rally.

“West Papuan people will not remain silent, especially with fears of repression from militaristic Indonesian government. So, the public rally demands the right to self-determination which remains to be done with all of West Papuan people,” said Victor Yeimo as quoted by

According to Victor Yeimo, referendum is the rights of West Papuan people and a solution for West Papua’s problems. Victor said, based his organization’s study, referendum (Pepera) in 1969 is not valid because out of around 800 thousands West Papuan, one thousand people participated. Victor said that now is a time to hold a new referendum where every West Papuan people have their own vote to determine the future of West Papua. “One man, one vote!” said Victor. Read more…